We offer complete epoxy and decorative concrete flooring services
  • Metallic Epoxy
    Whether you are looking for a marble finish or a free-flowing design, this metallic epoxy allows you to add a designer flare to any space. With custom color combinations and a choice of a matte or gloss finish, this epoxy still offers durability and an anti-microbial benefit. After 3 visits with our artistic technicians, your creative vision can come to life!
    Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring is a fluid applied, self leveling, high build, resinous floor coating. Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring is available in over 80 colors that can be mixed and matched to create a one of a kind floor. Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring is a great alternative for those looking for that acid stained concrete floor look. Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring can be installed over concrete and wood substrates. Depending on job size and current floor covering most jobs only take 3 days to install. All Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring has a 15 year limited warranty.
  • Flake Epoxy
    Whether your garage needs an overhaul or your business needs a tough floor, a flake finish is one of the most durable and low maintenance options. The flake finish allows for additional protection to any concrete surface as well as creating a slip-resistant and anti-microbial benefit. Make the space your own while choosing from a variety of flake sizes and color blends, as well as gloss finishes. After 2 visits from our qualified technicians, your new flake floor will have all the neighbors talking!
    Flake Epoxy flooring creates a vibrant, seamless, resilient surface from plain gray concrete. Epoxy Flake systems provide an exceptionally durable and long lasting floor. This our most popular product for basements and garages, but its versatility makes it a great fit for numerous flooring applications.
  • Quartz Floor Epoxy
    From a pool deck to a water-treatment facility, quartz offers the best non-slip surface while still maintaining an anti-microbial benefit. Offered in a variety of colors and blends, this epoxy can withstand the most extreme wear-and-tear. After 2 day installation, your new floor will be as safe as it is strong.
    Quartz Epoxy floors create a great look to any floor while creating a very durable floor. Unlike flakes which have a larger size, Quartz has the consistency and size of sand. Anti-skid is added to make the floor slip-resistant. For a more industrial floor, a double broadcast of Quartz can be applied.
  • Solid Color Epoxy
    Great for a commercial client looking to create an anti-microbial and slip-resistant surface, but still obtaining  a clean look. Choose from a variety of colors and finish off your space with our professional touch.
    Our solid color Industrial Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is a high-performance 100% solids clear and pigmented epoxy resin flooring system that exhibits great chemical resistance. It's designed for flooring applications that call for high strength, high gloss, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.
  • Stamped Concrete
    Stamped concrete is a process that requires the same preparation as regular concrete, in that a flat and firm sub-grade is required first, and any topsoil must be removed from the work area.  Forms will be set up that hold the concrete to the desired shape.  Stone is placed within the form area to the thickness required by the municipality, graded with a slight pitch to direct rain in the right direction (away from your house) and mechanically compacted.

    Fiber reinforced, small stone concrete will be poured 4" thick for surfaces that will bear foot traffic and 6" thick or greater for surfaces that will handle vehicular traffic.  A release agent powder is cast upon the smoothed concrete and then it is stamped with the chosen pattern.  The base color is usually in the release agent, so once the stamping is complete the shading color is also cast.  This gives a look of depth to the job.

    The next day, saw-cut contraction joints are made in the concrete and then it is washed and cleaned and allowed to dry.  Last, a clear-coat is applied to protect the new concrete, and a gritty textured traction powder to help reduce slippery conditions.

    Other things like borders and monograms can be added along with additional colors and shadings during the process.
  • Concrete Staining
    If you’re looking to upgrade your concrete surface, a concrete stain offers you a variety of semi-transparent color selections, providing a dimensional look. Offering water-based and acid- based stains as well as a finishing seal, your concrete surface will become a focal point.
  • Concrete Polishing
    Best for commercial applications, our well-equipped technicians can turn a dull surface in to a well-polished space.
  • Concrete Surface Prep
    Best for commercial and residential contractors, our knowledgeable technicians can remove the thickest glue and hardest mortar. Offering a seamless crack repair, our prep team allows for a smooth installation of a new desired floor.
  • Concrete Saw Cutting
    Saw-cutting provides a clean edge through the material without transmitting cracks or damage further into the structure.
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